Dr. Acklin

Are you ready to transform your life? Dr. Acklin is a Hawaii licensed psychologist in full time independent practice. Dr. Acklin is a clinicical and forensic psychologist, providing therapeutic and assessment services to children, adolescents, and adults. Board certified in Clinical, Assessment, & Forensic Psychology (ABPP, ABAP, ABFP)


Shared Thinking on the Practice of Forensic Psychology in Hawaii

Dr. Acklin's blog:

is a chronicle of daily forensic psychology practice and encourages dialog on topics and learning resources of vital interest.


  • Swimming with Sharks

    Hawaii Psychological Association Convention 2009 November 9, 2009 Swimming with Sharks: Practice, Ethics, and Risk Management for Court-Involved Therapists Rosemary Adam-Terem, PhD, President, Hawaii Psychological Association & Marvin W. Acklin, PhD, ABAP, ABPP, Independent Practice, Clinical...

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  • Dyslexia Testing

    In children who are having school problems, comprehensive psychoeducational testing assesses the child's development background, academic history, psychosocial adjustment and cognitive and achievement skills. These information sheets provides information for parents seeking evaluations of the children’s...

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  • Forensic Psychologist

    PACIFIC FORENSIC ASSOCIATES, INC PFA, Inc. Pacific Forensic Associates, Inc. provides state-of-the-art risk assessment risk assessments for the courts and legal community, including assessment and management of ...(more)...

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  • Psychological Assessment

    Dr. Acklin is a scientist-practitioner, a training and practice model in clinical and forensic psychology which integrates clinical science into the provision of mental health services. Not only does Dr. Acklin integrate the latest scientific knowledge...

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  • Child Custody Evaluations

    Child Custody Evaluations & Parenting Capacity Evaluations. Dr. Acklin is an experienced child custody evaluator. He has performed over 250 child custody evaluations over the past 22 years in all circuits of the Hawaii judiciary, and...

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  • Expert Witness

    Expert Consultant & Witness--Litigation Support Services Dr. Acklin provides expert consultation in civil and criminal proceedings, including case and file reviews, psychological research, work product reviews, witness preparation, and trial consultation, including assistance in the direct...

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Why Us?

  • Board certification in Clinical, Assessment, & Forensic Psychology (ABPP, ABAP, ABFP)
  • Fellow, Society for Personality Assessment
  • Fellow, Division of Clinical Psychology American Psychological Association
  • Fellow, American Psychology-Law Society, American Psychological Association
  • Fellow, Division of Independent Practice, American Psychological Association
  • Seasoned assessment psychologist  and expert witness  (over 3,000 psychological evaluations of children, adolescents, adults)
  • Scientist-practitioner and applied clinical researcher: over 60 published articles in peer-reviewed professional journals


  • Individual, couples, and family psychotherapy (children, adolescents, adults)
  • Psychological assessment services (children, adolescents, adults):
    • Clinical diagnostic evaluations/personality assessment
    • Neuropsychological assessment (TBI, aviation neuropsychology, CogScreen)
    • Psychoeducational assessment
    • Forensic psychological evaluation (civil and criminal, personal injury, fitness to stand trial, mental state at the time of the offense, legal capacity assessment)
    • Risk Assessment (psychosexual evaluation, school/workplace violence; fitness for duty)
    • Personnel selection (law enforcement, airline pilots, clergy)
  • Dr. Acklin is an FAA- and HIMS qualified psychologist/neuropsychologist.

Applied Clinical Research

With his trainees and colleagues, Dr. Acklin has conducted an ongoing program of applied clinical research in the areas of personality assessment and clinical and forensic psychology. He has published over 60 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, serves on the several editorial boards, and has presented at local and national conferences. Dr. Acklin’s publications and presentations may be viewed and downloaded from the website.