Child Custody Evaluations

Child Custody Evaluations & Parenting Capacity Evaluations.

Dr. Acklin is an experienced child custody evaluator. He has performed over 250 child custody evaluations over the past 22 years in all circuits of the Hawaii judiciary, and qualified to testify as an expert witness in child and family psychology in divorce proceedings. Dr. Acklin has endeavored to bring behavioral science methods to child custody evaluations, conducts divorce research, published in the area of CE assessment methods, and presented at national conferences on divorce and child custody.

Dr. Acklin conducts parenting capacity evaluations for parents in contested Family Court proceedings who seek to demonstrate their stability, skill, knowledge, and readiness for parenting.

Dr. Acklin performs specialized psychological evaluations in Family Court including special needs assessments of children, risk assessments, competency assessments of parties, and vocational assessments.

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