Dyslexia Testing

In children who are having school problems, comprehensive psychoeducational testing assesses the child's development background, academic history, psychosocial adjustment and cognitive and achievement skills. These information sheets provides information for parents seeking evaluations of the children’s school problems....


Cognitive, Intellectual, and Personality Testing

The procedure normally includes a minimum of 7 hours of testing, interviews and analysis Fee for services: Please call Dr. Acklin’s office manager to inquire.


Fee includes: Interview with parent(s)

Interview with the child, adolescent or adult

Application of psychoeducational tests (approximately 5-7 hours, see below for detailed list) Research and dialogue with the school/educational institution/counselor (if appropriate) Feedback session with Dr. Acklin

A full written report (including test results)

Testimony at due process hearing is available

The battery of tests normally includes (but may not be limited to):


  • Woodcock Johnson -- III Tests of Cognitive Ability
  • Woodcock Johnson -- III Tests of Achievement
  • Woodcock Reading Mastery Test -- III
  • Continuous Performance Test - II
  • Achenbach Behavior Checklists (Parent and Teacher)
  • (Others may be added if determined “as necessary by Dr. Acklin.)


Because of the strong co-occurrence of learning disability (LD) and attention deficit disorders, a psychoeducational evaluation considers the following factors:


  • General intellectual ability
  • Various cognitive and achievement abilities
  • Attention/concentration
  • General mental health (including child, parent-child, and parent-
  • teacher-child relationships using information from school records
  • and teacher and parent reports.
  • (A brief ADHD screening, when LD has been ruled out, is available upon request.)


All fees are payable in full, in advance of testing, and prior to the release of reports. Curriculum vitae available upon request.

Insurance claims may be filed upon your request; however, reimbursement cannot be guaranteed.


Cancellation cutoffs: Individual consultation/treatment sessions 24 hour Cancellation (short cancellation = 50% of ordinary fee)

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